Burke Soccer Apparel

The 2020 Burke Soccer Apparel orders will be completed online. Our online store opens on March 6th, 2020. Click on either image below to access the store. The store will be open until March 24th, 2020. All sales will be through The Locker Room powered by Ideal Images. Payments will be sent directly to the host via selected payment options. Please note that orders will not be made without proper payment.

We also sell the scarf pictured below. It is double sided and reads on each side as you see in the picture below. These scarves are very warm, yet also serve the purpose of decorating any soccer fans personal space. As a bonus they also do a remarkable job being waved, twirled, and whipped during any Burke soccer game as you show your support. Scarves cost $15 apiece and can be purchased from Coach Bratt. See the contact us page for information on how to contact Coach Bratt if you are unsure. This item is very popular, so get one while they last!!!